10 Easy Shoulder Mobility Exercises That Ease Pain and Improve Range of Motion

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Posterior Shoulder Stretch

Hold your right arm with your left hand, either above or below the elbow, and draw it towards your chest to stretch the back of your shoulder. 

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Bent Overhead Stretch

Stand at arm's length from a sturdy surface, such as a wall or chair. With knees slightly bent, hinge at the hips to lean forward, keeping your back parallel to the ground and arms extended. 

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Side Stretch

Stand with feet wide apart and squat down, turning heels in and toes out. Rest your left elbow on your left quadricep and extend your right arm overhead towards the left side.

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Bent Over Front Shoulder and Chest Stretch

Interlace fingers behind your back, lifting knuckles towards the sky as you hinge at the hips. Keep knees slightly bent and chin tucked. 

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Triple Lift

Lift weights close to your body, then press them out in front, and finally open arms to the sides, forming a T shape. Lower with control. Repeat.

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Reverse Fly

Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent, and hinge at the hips to lower torso. With palms facing each other, lift and separate dumbbells, keeping a slight bend in elbows. 

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Overhead Shoulder Press

Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding dumbbells at ear level. Press weights towards the sky, then lower with control. Modify by lifting one arm at a time if needed.

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Side Raises Abducting

Stand straight with elbows bent at 90 degrees, palms facing each other. Lift weights and elbows directly out to the sides up to shoulder level, then lower with control. 

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Banded Rows

Loop resistance band around an anchor point, holding ends with arms straight at shoulder level. Pull elbows back while squeezing hands towards ribs, then release. 

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Banded Internal Rotator Pulls

Anchor resistance band at hip level, holding one end in your right hand. Pull hand towards stomach while keeping elbow tight to ribs, then slowly release.