10 Scrunchie Hairstyles We Love Now That They Have Made A Comeback

This original scrunchie haircut is a staple in American culture; you've probably seen it countless times. The famous high pony, which is evocative of the '90s, is both contemporary and nostalgic.

The Scrunch Ponytail

There are endless options for experimenting with different hairstyles when using scrunchies and ponytails. Another trendy look from the past is the half-pony. It can be worn low, high, elegant, or messy.

The Half-Pony

Everybody knows a busy woman who is constantly seen with a disheveled hairstyle. It's her go-to style. The scrunchie top knot is appropriate for any setting. Perfect for the woman who is always on the go

The Top Knot

If you're sick of plain ponytails, the solution is braided ponytails. They give this basic haircut a stylish twist and give it a distinct look. For a scrunchie hairstyle that is put together and has texture

The Braided Ponytail

Surely, two hair styles are preferable to one? Choose braids and buns for this easy scrunchie hairdo. It looks nice and is simple to accomplish. Make three equal portions out of your hair

The Low Braided Bun

To change things up, mix and match your hair accessories. Wear a low scrunchie ponytail with a stylish cap. Wear a floppy straw hat at the beach in the summer or a wide-brimmed hat

Mix And Match Scrunchies And Hats

You've got it, friend. The best person to wear it was Michelle Tanner from the infamous TV sitcom Full House in the 1990s. For a youthful look, put your hair up in high or low pigtails and grab two identical scrunchies.

The Pigtails

It's likely that you've already joined the scrunchie craze, as they're back and more popular than ever. Make a statement with this oversized scrunchie, which, courtesy to your favorite on-trend influencer

Large And In Charge

There's no better way to flaunt adorable scrunchies than the bubble ponytail—four scrunchies are better than one. First, brush your hair toward the middle of your head after lightly applying hair gel

The Bubble Ponytail

Scrunchie, messy bun, out the door. The versatility of low messy buns makes them ideal for any type of event. Messy buns are ideal for days when you don't feel like cleaning your hair

The Low Messy Bun