7 Perennial Plants With Long-Lasting Flowers

Allium "Drumstick"

Allium "Drumstick," an ornamental member of the onion family, features compact heads that change color from green to pink to reddish-purple from late spring to late summer.


Blooming from late summer into fall, asters offer daisy-like flowers in white, pink, purple, lavender, and blue. They are crucial for monarch butterflies and migrating birds during their journeys.


Astilbe features feathery clusters of tiny blooms in white, pink, purple, or red. It's one of the few perennials that thrive in shade. Different species bloom at various times, offering a long flowering period

Butterfly Bush "Blue Chip"

The "Blue Chip" butterfly bush is part of a miniature series, producing blue-lavender flowers from spring to fall. Unlike many butterfly bushes, it produces few seeds, making it less invasive.


A robust alternative to lavender, catmint thrives in almost any soil. Its spring blooms last up to six weeks, with the potential for a second flush in late summer if trimmed back. Blooms can be lavender, pink

Purple Coneflower

Purple coneflower takes a few years to establish but then produces abundant blooms from mid- to late summer, with a potential second bloom in the fall. Its nectar attracts hummingbirds.

Coreopsis "Threadleaf"

This perennial produces small flowers that begin in early summer and continue all summer long if old blooms are removed. Planting "Moonbeam" alongside "Zegreb" creates a sunshiny mix of pale yellow