7 Stunning Spring Nail Designs to Imitate in 2024

Achieve this delicate design by starting with a translucent warm pink polish on all nails. Then, use a dotting tool to create small flowers with white petals and a yellow center on some nails. Next, paint the tips of other nails with a sky blue polish for a French manicure effect.

Baby Blue Petals

To recreate this whimsical look, paint small flowers with pastel pink, blue, and yellow polishes at the tips of clear-based nails. Add tiny green dots in the center of each flower and delicate green leaves at the sides of the floral clusters for a touch of detail.

Blossoming Milky Way

Start by applying a warm nude polish on all nails and a powdery blue polish on the tips, blending for a gradient effect. On the ring fingers, use the blue polish as the base and paint a nude heart in the center once dry, refining the edges with a fine brush.

Blue Heart Window

Begin with a clear base coat on all nails and a sky blue polish on some nails. Then, use a fine brush to paint small stems, leaves, and flowers with green, pink, yellow, and white polishes on clear-coated nails for a fresh springtime look.

Blue Springtime Skies

Achieve elegance with a sheer pink polish on all nails and thin brown branches with green leaves painted using a fine brush. Create rosebud shapes with darker and lighter pink polishes at the tips of the branches, adding a clear top coat for lasting wear.

Blushing Petals Crescent

Paint a clear base coat on all nails and a green polish in a curved line at the tip to create a French tip look. Then, use a dotting tool to place small white dots in a circular pattern to form daisy petals, adding green dots in the center for a playful meadow effect.

Botanical Winds

Begin by applying a clear glossy base coat on all nails for a sleek foundation. Then, delicately paint vivid pink cherry blossom designs on each nail using a fine brush. Ensure the blossoms are evenly spaced and varied in size for an authentic look.

Cherry Blossoms