7 Trendy Hairstyles for Every Season

Soft waves, a timeless favorite, remain in vogue in 2021. Adding a playful twist with pastel barrettes infuses this classic beachy look with youthful energy, aligning perfectly with this year's vibrant trends.

Soft Waves

Inspired by the retro styles of the 70s, curtain bangs have surged in popularity over the past year. Expect to see these bouncy bangs dominating social media feeds this spring, offering a chic vintage vibe to complement any hairstyle.

Curtain Bangs

For those considering a bold bob haircut but hesitant to commit, the faux bob offers a temporary solution. Seen at the 2021 Golden Globes, this versatile style provides a glamorous alternative without the long-term commitment.

Faux Bob

Mermaid waves continue to captivate with their ethereal charm and timeless allure. Whether cascading down the shoulders or styled into an elegant updo, these flowing locks embody effortless beauty and endless versatility.

Mermaid Waves

In contrast to tousled waves, sleek and silky tresses take the spotlight this season. Embracing smooth textures and impeccable styling, this trend exudes sophistication and refinement for a polished finish.

Sleek and Silky

In spring 2021, side part preferences remain popular over middle part preferences. The stylish and adaptable side part frames the face nicely, adding depth and character to many hairstyles.

Side Part

Taking cues from late 90s and early 2000s hairstyles, TikTok's bubble braid trend offers a nostalgic yet contemporary statement. With its playful and voluminous appearance, this trend adds whimsy and flair to any look.

Bubble Braids