7 Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Decrease Quantity of Food

Although it might seem apparent, a startling number of pet owners overfeed their animals without even realizing it. Therefore, if this describes you, don't feel horrible! Hence your presence here.

Use a Slow Feeder and Puzzle Feeder Toys

Cats would usually search for their food in the wild. They must be accustomed to earning their food this way. Your cat will feel more intellectually satisfied

Interactive Play!

Because their cats mostly just sleep and eat, many cat owners with overweight cats assume that their cats don't like to play.

Use FitBark

FitBark is a pet version of FitBit, a health tracker. It's a really great, multipurpose small gadget.

Take Your Cat For Walks

Walking your cat is the next cat weight loss tip on the list. Teaching your cat to walk on a harness is one of the finest methods to get them moving!

Invest in an Exercise Wheel

I bet you've ever thought something like, "I could never get my cat to do that!"

Consider the Quality of Your Cat’s Food

Technically, one could argue that both of these strategies would be effective. However, our primary motivation for losing weight is frequently improved feelings rather than physical appearance.