8 Best Office Plants Guaranteed to Thrive on Your Desk

Whale Fin Sansevieria

The whale fin succulent resembles Moby Dick's flipper, as the name would imply. This plant may be used as a sculpture in dim or indirect light.

Baltic Blue Pothos

These, along with beef and veal, have grown more expensive, which has an impact on retirement finances and forces retirees to explore other options.

Prickly Pear Cactus

The prickly pair cactus, which resembles a beaver's tail, may be the simplest succulent to maintain. Suitable for bigger workstations where you won't inadvertently run into its spiky spikes

Money Tree

Keep a money tree at your desk to help manifest that next big raise or promotion. This miniature tree is easy to care for and loves low water and low light.  

Orange Bromeliad

With the help of this blooming jungle plant, your desk will seem more colourful. To keep your bromeliad healthy and bright, be sure to put it near a window

Philodendron Green

A traditional low-light-loving plant, philodendrons are renowned for their ease of propagation and minimal care requirements. Set it high, such as atop the pile of bills you must sort

Hoya Heart

A ideal gift for your work bestie, this cheeky little heart-shaped plant is actually a cactus. That means minimal watering is needed.

Tropicals Neon Pothos

Add a bright light to dreary Mondays with a neon pothos. Its vibrant yellow-green leaves require little sun and little water to thrive, so you can just sit back and watch it grow.