8 Dog Breeds Most Similar to Pit Bulls

American Bulldogs

Known for their strength and agility, American Bulldogs share similarities with Pitbulls but are slightly larger, reaching heights of up to 28 inches. They are intelligent yet headstrong, making them suitable for tasks such as guarding farms

English Bulldogs

With their muscular bodies and affectionate nature, English Bulldogs appeal to families, especially those with children. They are loving, patient, and tolerant, requiring less training compared to Pitbulls. English Bulldogs are considerably smaller

Bull Terriers

Recognizable by their egg-shaped heads and playful demeanor, Bull Terriers are robust guard dogs with a cheerful disposition. Socialization from a young age is crucial, and they require 1 2 hours of daily exercise to stay fit.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Despite their shared history, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are distinct from Bull Terriers and are smaller in size, rarely exceeding 16 inches in height. They are loyal, cheerful, and tolerant, making them ideal family pets with a penchant for guarding property.


Boxers are known for their upbeat and sweet-tempered personalities, often serving as watchdogs and protectors for families. While they may resemble Pitbulls in color and physique, they are generally larger and more susceptible to certain health issues.

Cane Corsos

Respected for their strength and bravery, Cane Corsos are imposing guard dogs with a loyal and affectionate nature. They share similarities with Pitbulls in appearance and temperament but are larger and heavier, making them formidable guardians.

Presa Canarios

Originating from the Canary Islands, Presa Canarios are powerful Mastiffs bred for protection. They are courageous and protective but can exhibit aggression towards strangers and other animals, requiring firm training and discipline.


As one of the heaviest dog breeds, Boerboels excel as protectors and hunters. They are known for their courage and protective instincts but may display aggression towards strangers and other animals. Training and dedication are essential for taming