8 Most Underappreciated Drinks, Per Bartenders

The Americano is a refreshing cocktail that offers full flavor with lower alcohol content, perfect for any occasion. It's a classic drink that has gained popularity for its simplicity and versatility. With soda replacing gin, it's an ideal choice when you're unsure of what to order.


The Painkiller is a delightful cocktail that resembles a Piña Colada but with a unique twist. Its complexity and full-bodied flavor, along with the use of Pusser's rum and orange juice, make it a tasty choice for any cocktail enthusiast.


Contrary to popular belief, the classic Daiquiri is a simple yet sophisticated cocktail made with just three ingredients: rum, lime, and sugar. It offers a refreshing and tangy flavor that surpasses the frozen versions commonly associated with the name.


The Hemingway Daiquiri is a crisp and citrusy cocktail that transports you to a tropical paradise with every sip. Its refreshing taste, combined with its sophistication, makes it a delightful choice for any occasion.

Hemingway Daiquiri

Despite attempts by "serious mixologists" to discredit it, the Mojito remains a timeless classic with unbeatable DNA. Its refreshing blend of mint, lime, rum, and soda water makes it a perennial favorite among cocktail enthusiasts.


The Classic Sour is perhaps the most versatile cocktail, offering endless possibilities for customization. With a base of whiskey, gin, vodka, or even arrack or sochu, and a combination of fresh lemon juice and different sugars, it's a cocktail that can cater to any taste preference.

Classic Sour

The Aviation is an elegant cocktail featuring gin, maraschino liqueur, creme de violette, and lemon juice. Despite initial apprehensions about the floral notes of creme de violette, the cocktail surprises drinkers with its perfectly balanced flavor profile.


The 20th Century is a hidden gem among classic cocktails, featuring an unusual yet delightful combination of flavors. With gin, Lillet Blanc, white chocolate liqueur, and lemon, it offers a unique taste experience that pleasantly surprises those who try it.

20th Century