8 Must Try Haircuts for Men with Straight Hair

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut is a classic, low-maintenance haircut for men with straight hair. It features short sides and back with a slightly longer top. 

Buzz Cut 

The Buzz Cut is an ultra-short, uniform haircut achieved with clippers, offering a clean, minimalist look. Popular for its sharp, military-inspired aesthetic, it often includes a defined hairline and subtle fades. 

French Crop

The French Crop is characterized by short sides and back with a slightly longer top and a blunt fringe. Known for its versatility and ease, it can be styled with a textured finish or a disconnected undercut.

Side Part

The Side Part is a classic and sophisticated medium-length hairstyle where hair is parted on one side, often complemented by a fade or undercut.

Messy Quiff 

The Messy Quiff is a stylish, voluminous medium-length hairstyle with hair swept upwards and backwards in a carefree manner. Popular for its casual yet chic look, it often combines a faded or undercut for contrast. 

Layered Cut

The Layered Cut involves various lengths of hair layers to create texture and depth. This contemporary trend emphasizes a choppy, textured look, often paired with a subtle fade or taper for a sharp, defined style. 

Man Bun

The Man Bun is a modern, versatile long hairstyle where long hair is gathered into a bun at the crown or back of the head. The latest trend includes pairing the man bun with an undercut or fade for a sharp contrast. 

Layered Waves 

Layered Waves add dimension and movement to long straight hair by incorporating various lengths through layering. This trend focuses on a natural, tousled look, often enhanced with light texturizing products.