9 Annual Flowers That Will Add Splendor Your Garden

Begonias are incredibly versatile summer annuals that thrive in shady gardens. With various shapes, sizes, and colors available, they can add a vibrant touch to any landscape. They are even suitable for sunny locations, making them a popular choice for gardens of all kinds.


Zinnias are renowned for their bright and colorful blooms, which attract butterflies to your garden. Fast-growing and easy to cultivate from seeds, they are perfect for adding height to flower beds or as borders in containers. Their cheerful appearance adds a lively touch to any garden space.


New Guinea Impatiens are a fantastic choice for both shade and sun gardens, offering a wide range of colors and complete resistance to Downy Mildew. With varieties like Sunpatiens, they can even tolerate higher levels of sun exposure

New Guinea Impatiens

Geraniums, also known as pelargoniums, are beloved for their long-lasting blooms in an array of vibrant hues. Perfect for mixed gardens and containers, they attract butterflies and hummingbirds with their attractive flowers.


Once threatened by Downy Mildew, Impatiens have made a comeback with new and improved genetics, offering a colorful blanket to adorn landscapes once again. With their vibrant blooms and easy maintenance, they are a popular choice for adding bursts


Calibrachoa, with their vibrant and heat-tolerant flowers, are an excellent addition to any garden. They attract hummingbirds and bloom from late spring to early frost, providing continuous color throughout the growing season. Their trailing habit also makes them perfect


Periwinkle, or Vinca, offers a wide range of hues and compact growth habits, making them ideal for adding color to gardens and landscapes. With continuous blooms and a love for summer heat, they provide a stunning display throughout the season.


Marigolds are not only visually appealing but also serve a practical purpose in vegetable gardens by deterring pests with their fragrance. Available in various colors and sizes, they add a cheerful touch to any garden space while also protecting nearby crops.


Sunflowers are iconic for their tall, bright blooms that add a touch of sunshine to any garden. Beyond their beauty, they also provide seeds for roasting and eating, making them both ornamental and practical additions to any landscape.