9 Creative Bearded Dragon Enclosure Ideas and Tank Decor Inspirations

Jungle-Themed Cage Setup

Provide your bearded dragon with a lush, green jungle-inspired cage. Check out these ideas for great inspiration!

Easy-to-Clean Habitat

Use a dark green reptile carpet, lush foliage, and a rock staircase. This setup is both easy to maintain and enriching.

Faux Leaf Vines

Incorporate faux leaf vines to add a fun jungle element. Although not sturdy for climbing, they enhance the jungle theme.

Ideal Basking Spot

Place a ledge closer to the basking bulb, add a cool backdrop, and ensure branches are secure for your dragon's safety.

Spacious Floor Plan

Provide plenty of floor space with a rock water bowl and fake plants on the tank’s perimeter. Ensure there’s room for climbing.

Temperature Control

Measure the temperature of the basking spot. Aim for 95-100°F for adults and 105-110°F for babies to prevent overheating.


Include a bridge for a fun way for your bearded dragon to navigate the tank. Ensure it's not placed too high for safety.

Food Bowl

A food bowl helps keep the tank tidy, especially when feeding salads or juicy fruit. Available in various finishes and sizes.

Foliage (Fake or Real)

Introduce plants for a naturalistic environment. Choose non-toxic plants, real or fake, to create textures and hiding spots.

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