9 Indoor plants that change colours and boost your homes aesthetic

Aloe Vera

This tropical succulent thrives in sunny spots and doesn't need frequent watering, making it perfect for beginners. Its fleshy leaves contain aloe vera gel, which can be used for skincare.

Queen Fern

Easy to grow, it prefers bright, indirect light but can handle direct sunlight if the soil is kept moist. It loves humidity, so it thrives in kitchens or bathrooms, or near a humidifier.

Rubber Tree

Known for its dark, glossy green and burgundy leaves, this easy-care plant can grow between eight and ten feet tall. However, it's toxic to pets and small children if ingested

Snake Plant

Extremely low-maintenance, it can survive with little water and light, making it ideal for beginners. Its deep green, striped leaves add a lush feel to any space.

English Ivy

This trailing plant can elevate interiors in regular or hanging planters. It grows quickly and thrives in low to bright indirect sunlight. It's easy to propagate, allowing you to fill your home

Weeping Fig Tree

This large indoor tree requires a well-lit room and regular watering. It can grow between three and six feet tall, often needing repotting annually.

Bromeliad Vriesea Vogue

Pet-friendly and dramatic, this houseplant features cone-like red and yellow spikes. It prefers bright sunlight, needs water in its central reservoir, and requires frequent misting.

Red-Edged Dracaena

With its red, spiky leaves, this evergreen adds a tropical touch to any space. It can survive with or without sunlight and requires minimal watering.

Philodendron Heartleaf

Known for its glossy, heart-shaped leaves, this fast-growing plant is very forgiving and thrives in low to bright light. It's perfect for shelves or tall cabinets, with vines that drape beautifully.