9 Low-Fat Foods That Are Actually Unhealthy

Low-fat ice cream

Ice cream prepared with genuine, full-fat milk offers calcium and protein for optimum health. Some studies suggests that whole dairy does not increase the risk of weight gain, or type 2 diabetes.

Low-fat peanut butter

Peanut butter fat isn't scary! Full-fat peanut butter has the same saturated-to-unsaturated fat ratio as olive oil, a heart-healthy food, according to Harvard Health.

Light mayonnaise

Many low-fat mayos use modified food starch and soybean oil instead of eggs for smoothness. Though safe, these chemicals lack the nutrients of actual egg yolks, which include vitamins.

Low-fat energy bars

Energy bars have a "health halo," making them seem healthy. Not always. Ultra-processed low-fat energy bars might include weird components. Protein One's Strawberries and Cream bars are low-fat at 2 grams per bar.

Low-fat cookies

Believe it or not, high sugar consumption has been more consistently linked with weight gain than high fat consumption. Since low-fat cookies are often high-sugar, choosing them is a tradeoff that's probably not worth making.


Margarine's decline since the 1970s is understandable. Harvard Health says "there never was any good evidence that using margarine instead of butter cut the chances of having a heart attack.

Low-fat salad dressing

Salad dressing may quickly accumulate calories if you're not careful when you pour. All dressings are prepared with oil, after all! it stands to reason that a low-fat version might assist in consuming less calories.

Low-fat canned soup

Soups that are "light" aren't always healthy. Still, many canned soups are high in salt. Progresso Light Broccoli Cheese Soup has 720 mg of sodium (32% of the Daily Value) per cup. At 4 grams per serving, it has little protein.

Low-fat crunchy snacks

Despite having less calories, low-fat chips, pretzels, and puffs are still heavily processed. Check labels to be a smart, healthy eater. A long ingredient list, whether low-fat or not, indicates that your crunchy fix isn't healthy.