9 Simple nail designs that are cute, easy, & modern

NUDE BASE WITH STICKERS: Add some cute stickers and paint on a bare base. When it comes to easy nail art, this one is the best.

FRENCH TIP OUTLINE: It's not necessary to paint the whole French tip if the shape looks good enough. This easy nail pattern can also be used as simple nail art, which we love.

PINK SQUIGGLYS : This simple nail art is great for people who can't hold their nails still. No one will know if you make a mistake.

V TIPS: Some people say that V tips are a little easier to put on than French tips. They look great with any colour, but multicoloured neons look especially good with them.

COW PRINT NAILS: Painting blobs is much easier than painting circles. And blobs that don't match are great for cow print. 

HORIZONTAL OMBRE: This is one of the easiest nail art styles out there. This pattern looks great with any set of colours.  

IMPERFECT BLUE TIPS: It's always beautiful to see a deep nude base with blue pastel tips. It's even more beautiful when the tips are put on unevenly. It's a simple nail art style that anyone can copy.

RING FINGER FLOWER: It only takes one easy flower to make really cute nail art. You don't have to paint the whole flower.

GLITTER RING FINGER: Not interested in painting a flower? That's okay. Putting glitter polish on only your ring finger is another easy way to make a nail pattern. There is no need for art.