Undercut: Undercut men's hairstyles are short and lengthy and stand out from all angles. Back and sides are shaved, top hair brushed right, left, or backward. Styling using natural men's pomade or hair gel is simple.

Classic Quiff: Traditional quiffs volumize men's hair. The sides are shorter and the top is combed forward except for the front, which is brushed up. This requires hair wax or natural men's style cream.

Classic Pompadour: Since Vanilla Ice's 1990s short sides and back and long top, this classic men's hairdo has been a statement.

The Crew Cut: Real male hairstyle! Men's crop haircuts are varied. This hairstyle suits mature men and busy professionals. This haircut works well for work with minimal hair product or for a weekend disaster with unkempt hair.

The Buzz Cut: This low-maintenance hairstyle has become associated with masculinity, toughness, and power thanks to the military.

The Side Part: Tapers are needed for the classic side portion. The top hair should be longer than the sides. This look requires considerable top length and fullness.

Tousled The Bad Boy Cut: Men's style can include bedhead! Start with mid-length hair and somewhat clipped sides. To "mess it up," run a natural men's pomade or hair gel down the hair. You can then experiment with other looks.

Long Round Layered: Longcuts, the antithesis of buzzcuts, are low-maintenance. It maximizes thick hair.

The Fade: The fade, which balances and shapes hair above the forehead, is popular on black men. No thin hair or overshaving. Natural men's pomade or hair gel adds gloss and definition to top hair.