Simple, basic bows are always good. This style suits curly or textured hair: Protect your hair with a curly-safe pineapple and ribbon.

Incorporate a Classic Bow

Frida Kahlo, a braid crown pioneer, was often photographed with ribbons in her elaborate updos. Morales credits Kahlo with starting the trend.

Braid a Frida Kahlo-Inspired Crown

This dramatic huge bow gives the bow hairdo a new twist. Using monotone and muted colors like this all-black version will keep the large design from looking costumey.

Supersize Your Bow

One ribbon? Why stop? Multiple little ribbons make it easy to incorporate the accent into a hairstyle. Hailey Bieber's quadruple ribbon style accents braids with small bows.

Quadruple the Ribbons

Add elegance to your ponytail with a satin ribbon. Tie a ribbon bow around the base of a high ponytail. 

Elevate Your Ponytail

One method to spice up your ordinary hairstyle? Include a longer ribbon. An almost Rapunzel-like ribbon cascade past your hair will turn heads.

Add a Dramatically Long Ribbon

Solid-color ribbons enhance pattern-heavy outfits. This method highlights delicate colors in busy designs: One color from the pattern and its tones are crucial. This lovely gold ribbon highlights the neutral tones in the cheetah print dress and brightens the look despite the darker colors.

Use Solid Ribbons to Complement Patterns