Meet America s 8 Biggest Snakes: Giants of the Wild

Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

Largest venomous snake in North America, up to 8 feet long, with diamond patterns and a rattle; essential for rodent control, but threatened by habitat loss.

Burmese Python

Invasive species in Florida's Everglades, can exceed 20 feet, poses a threat to local wildlife, efforts underway to control population.

Indigo Snake

Longest native U.S. snake, up to 8.5 feet, non-venomous, indigo-blue coloration, beneficial predator, endangered due to habitat loss.

Green Anaconda

Non-native, occasionally found in Florida due to pet trade, can grow up to 30 feet, primarily aquatic, highlights exotic pet trade issues.

Reticulated Python

Introduced species, found occasionally in Florida, can exceed 20 feet, invasive due to pet trade, efforts to prevent breeding population.

Rock Python

African Rock Python in Florida, invasive species, up to 20 feet, aggressive, preys on large mammals, competes with native wildlife.

Boa Constrictor

Non-native, found in South Florida, up to 13 feet, adaptable, poses threat to local wildlife, requires control and public education.

Eastern Ratsnake

Native, up to 7 feet, controls rodent populations, adaptable to various habitats, non-venomous and generally docile.