Planting vegetables in April these 8 picks are gardener-approved

Indoor corn planting isn't recommended, but it's conceivable. To avoid root damage, start corn seeds 4 weeks before transplanting. WNYers must compromise due to limited seasons.


Broccoli is delicious, easy to grow, and high in potassium, vitamin C, and fiber. Start your seeds indoors in a seed cup and transfer your seedlings to a three-gallon container.


Beets are one of the healthiest vegetables, high in fiber and potassium and low in calories. Better still, they grow easily!


Our climate supports cold-weather vegetables like kale. This sturdy, green vegetable, a "superfood," provides more than 100% of your daily vitamin A and C needs in one serving and can replace or augment any salad.


You either adore or hate peas, depending on your camp. You'll adore them more fresh off the vine.

Sweet Peas

Peppers enhance any salad or garden. Bell peppers contain 159% of your daily vitamin C, yet they are less popular than oranges.

Bell Peppers

Spinach is a kid's nightmare, but many adults enjoy its exquisite taste. Spinach provides more than half your vitamin A in one dish.


Delicious tomato fruit. Vitamin A and C-rich and delicious. While tomato cultivars vary, they should be started indoors 6 weeks before the final frost.