Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $950 Million

1976-D Bicentennial Quarter (Denver Mint)

The 1976-D Bicentennial Quarter is a highly sought-after coin among collectors due to its rarity and historical significance. Minted in Denver, this quarter features a special "D" mintmark denoting its origin. 

1976-S Bicentennial Quarter (San Francisco Mint)

Similar to its Denver counterpart, the 1976-S Bicentennial Quarter is prized for its rarity and unique minting location. Minted in San Francisco, these quarters have a relatively low mintage compared to other bicentennial.

Double Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter

The 1776-1976 Double Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter is a notable error coin in the numismatic world. Double die errors occur when there is a noticeable doubling of design elements on the coin's obverse.

Triple Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter

Even rarer than the double die variety, the Triple Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter is a true anomaly in numismatics. This error coin exhibits three distinct impressions of the design elements on its obverse side.

Silver Planchet Error Bicentennial Quarter

Occasionally, minting errors result in bicentennial quarters being struck on silver planchets instead of the intended copper-nickel composition. These Silver Planchet Error Bicentennial Quarters are exceptionally

Nickel Planchet Error Bicentennial Quarter

Similar to silver planchet errors, Nickel Planchet Error Bicentennial Quarters are highly coveted by collectors. These quarters are struck on nickel planchets instead of the standard copper-nickel composition.

Minting Varieties Bicentennial Quarter

Variations in minting techniques and equipment can result in subtle differences among bicentennial quarters. Collectors meticulously catalog these minting varieties, which include repunched mintmarks.

Proof Finish Bicentennial Quarter

Bicentennial quarters with proof finishes are struck using specially polished dies and planchets, resulting in coins with mirror-like surfaces and exceptional quality. Proof coins undergo a meticulous minting process.