The 8 Best Low-Light and Low-Maintenance Office Plants


First-time plant parents may wish to start with young cactus, which are low-maintenance yet need sunny areas. Put a few prickly succulents on your desk, bookshelf, or console table.

English Ivy

English ivy makes beautiful home office décor in a hanging planter or on a windowsill. If cared for, the vines may reach 10 feet and wrap around your area.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants flourish in varied environments and filter the air throughout your 9-5. Their glossy green leaves like bright, indirect sunshine but can endure low light and dampness.

Money Tree

One of the best plants for feng shui, the money tree is believed to bring positive energy, good luck and prosperity to its plant parents.

Jade Plant

This "lucky" succulent can survive 50 years if properly tended for maybe even until retirement. The smooth, oval leaves and sturdy, woody stems thrive in indirect to bright light


Air plants are beginner-friendly also. Air plants don't need soil and can endure most lighting conditions; they simply need weekly watering.

Peace Lily

The white flowers may catch your eye, but it's the plant's air-purifying properties that will really make an impact at work. Keep it out of bright, direct sunlight, but make sure it is still placed

Snake Plant

One of the hardest houseplants: This tough plant needs little water and sunshine. Watering a little plant like this one every two to three weeks is sufficient.