The 8 Most Dangerous Animals On Earth (Some Might Surprise You)

Cape buffaloes, big and peaceful, can be dangerous if disturbed. They're called 'Black Death' by hunters. They charge fast, up to 37 mph.

Cape buffalo

This tiny frog may seem harmless, but it's deadly. The golden poison dart frog, found in Colombia, is super poisonous. It's used by Emberá people for hunting.

Golden poison dart frog

Some box jellyfish are pretty but deadly. They have poison in their tentacles. Australian ones are the most dangerous, causing paralysis or death.

Box jellyfish

Hippos eat a lot, weigh a ton, and can be mean. They live in Africa, mostly in water, but they can run fast on land. They might chase people and can be dangerous, killing hundreds each year.


Moray eels can be dangerous after death due to their toxic flesh. Alive, they have two sets of sharp teeth to catch prey.

Moray eel

Saw-scaled viper: Not the deadliest, but super aggressive. Lives near people. Kills around 5,000 yearly.

Saw-scaled viper

Pufferfish, also called blowfish, are highly poisonous. When threatened, they puff up by swallowing water or air. Eating them can be deadly due to their toxic flesh.


This scary scorpion can kill people. The deathstalker is the deadliest, found in North Africa and the Middle East. It paralyzes prey with venom.

Deathstalker scorpion