The 8  Simple Ways To Lose Body Fat With Weight Training

Variety is the spice of life

Just use heavier weights for each set when you are performing 10 20 repetitions during weight training.

Increase the weight on each set

You will lower your chance of injury and have greater control over your movements if you adhere to the prescribed schedule for all of the workouts.

Perform all reps strictly with slow form

You can develop a larger base by doing more repetitions with the same weight or body weight.

Perform more reps with the same weight

This implies that you can eventually support a higher weight because your body quickly adjusts to it and starts burning fat even when you're at rest.

Take less recovery time between sets

Alternate the rest period in between sets. For instance, if you often complete a set of ten reps and take a minute to relax, try doing ten reps the next time and just taking thirty seconds to rest.

Increase the number of exercises

If you typically perform four exercises for your chest (such as push-ups, incline barbell presses, cable cross-overs, and chest presses), try completing six (including dumbbell pull-overs and flyes) to give your muscles the best potential workout.

Use circuit training

Repeat this circuit for 30-60 seconds per exercise, taking 30-second breaks in between. It's a quick way to engage multiple muscle groups and get the blood flowing for fat burning.

Tri Drop sets

When lifting weights, start out by doing fewer repetitions with a greater weight. When you reach your limit, stop, lower the weight, and perform more repetitions. Stop when you are unable to continue.