The Ultimate Summer Hair Care Routine To Tackle Common Hair Woes This Season

Prevent Split Ends and Dryness

High temperatures and hot winds strip your hair of natural oils, leading to split ends and dryness. Limit washing and trim regularly.

Combat Hair Fall

UV rays weaken hair, causing fall. Air conditioners dehydrate, making hair brittle. Tie hair loosely to avoid breakage.

Tame Frizz

Summer humidity makes hair absorb excess moisture, causing frizz. Minimize heat styling to maintain smoothness.

Preserve Hair Color

Sun fades color-treated hair. Wear hats and avoid chlorinated water to prevent color from washing out.

Hydrate with Shampoo

Use hydrating shampoo with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to maintain moisture barrier.

Nourish with Conditioner

Apply nourishing conditioner for 2-3 minutes to lock in moisture and prevent split ends.

Treat with Hair Mask

Use a nourishing hair mask twice a week to deep condition and protect from dryness and hair fall.

Shield with Hair Serum

Apply hair serum to protect from sun and environmental damage, keeping hair soft and hydrated.