These are 8 Best Workouts To Regain Your Balance

Spinal Alignment Exercise:

Utilize a foam roller or rolled-up towel to align your spine by lying lengthwise on it, allowing gravity to pull your shoulder blades down for five minutes.

Stationary Lunges:

Perform lunges with proper form, focusing on keeping your spine straight as you lower your body.

Isometric Lunges (or Split Squats):

Engage in isometric lunges by holding a half-kneeling position with one knee just above the ground, ensuring your spine remains straight.

Heel Raises (Calf Raises):

Strengthen your calf muscles and improve balance by lifting both heels off the ground while maintaining a neutral spine.

Heel-Toe Walk (Tightrope Walk):

Enhance balance by walking in a straight line as if on a tightrope, ensuring your spine remains aligned throughout.

One-Leg Standing With Eyes Closed:

Challenge your balance by standing on one leg with your eyes closed, focusing on maintaining proper spinal alignment.

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift:

Improve balance and strengthen the lower body by performing single-leg deadlifts while keeping your spine straight.

High Plank With Shoulder Taps:

Enhance core stability and balance in a high plank position by alternating tapping each hand to the opposite shoulder while maintaining a neutral spine.