Top 7 Tetras for Your Next Community Tank

1. Black Neon Tetra

Due to its durability and bulletproofness, this underappreciated fish is one of our top recommendations for beginners and experienced aquarists. The 1.5-inch (4 cm) fish has a red eye and white.

2. X-Ray Tetra or Pristella Tetra

Prisma tetras, which grow to 2 inches (5 cm), are deeper-bodied than other tetras. The popular term x-ray tetra comes from its semitransparent body, which lets you glimpse parts of its internal organs (particularly in gold or albino types).

3. Cardinal Tetra

Cardinal tetras' vivid blue and red horizontal stripes make them stand out in planted aquariums. Cardinal tetras may be mistaken with neon and green neon tetras, but they are larger and redder.

4. Silver Tip Tetra

Try silvertip tetras for an engaging schooling fish. Mature males are bright yellow-orange, whereas females are paler yellow. As their popular name implies, both sexes have sliver-white fin and tail tips.

5. Congo Tetra

This 3-inch (8 cm) African tetra, our biggest, thrives in 30 gallons or larger fish aquariums. Males with a red-orange horizontal stripe and glossy blue scales have long, flowing finnage bordered in white.

6. Rummy-Nose Tetra

Three similar-looking South American fish are offered as rummy nose tetras. Its vivid red snout and black and white horizontal stripes on its tail distinguish this 2-inch (5 cm) thin fish.

7. Glowlight Tetra

This GloFish is naturally colored with a striking bright orange line on its silvery body and sections of the fins, despite its popular moniker. They come from murky, tannin-filled South American waters.