Top 8 Clearest Water Beaches In Florida

Key West is at the southernmost point of the US. So when looking for crystal clear water you truly can t go any further. It has some of the prettiest water in Florida.

1. Key West

Navarre Beach has it all. It is on the emerald coast and the water is emerald green. The water at this beach is some of the best in Florida, and the sand is white.

2. Navarre Beach

Along Florida s East coast, you will find one of the hottest Spring Break destinations. South Beach in Miami Florida. If you are asking yourself does Miami have clear water? We can certainly say it does.

3. Miami Beach

There are some of the best beaches in Florida, with white sand and clear water, along the barrier island in the Florida Panhandle. Pensacola Beach is one of them.

4. Pensacola Beach

Fort De Soto State Park has five interconnecting islands surrounded by emerald seas and mangroves. Activities abound on 7 kilometres of white-sand beaches.

5. Fort De Soto State Park

The Florida panhandle has silky sugar sand on the green shore. The warm waves and beautiful white sand beaches in Northern Florida will wow you. Destin's gorgeous beach will wow you.

6. Destin

This tropical reef is perfect for scuba diving, snorkelling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and other water activities. It has part of the world's third-longest coral reefs and is a major US diving spot.

7. Biscayne National Park

Siesta Key, a tiny west coast island, is famous for its white-sand beaches. The name alone suggests relaxation. Very fine quartz makes up this gorgeous beach.

8. Siesta Key