Ways To Make Hair Grow Faster According To Experts

Restrictive diets can hinder hair growth due to nutrient deficiencies and stress, leading to shedding even after returning to a healthy diet.

Avoid Restrictive Dieting

Ensure a well-balanced diet with at least 50 grams of protein per day to support optimal hair growth.

Assess Protein Intake

Topical caffeine products, like shampoos, may stimulate hair growth by enhancing cell metabolism.

Try Caffeine-Infused Products

Scalp massages can promote relaxation, relieve stress, and potentially improve hair health by increasing blood flow to the scalp.

Indulge in Scalp Massage

PRP therapy, using injections of a patient's own platelets, may effectively restore and accelerate hair growth.

Consider Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment

Limit the use of curling irons, hair dryers, and straighteners to prevent hair damage and breakage, and use heat-protectant products when styling.

Reduce Heat Exposure

Speak with a doctor about using minoxidil, an OTC medication like Rogaine, to prevent hair loss and promote growth as part of a treatment plan.

Consult About Minoxidil

Hair dyes, especially permanent ones, can weaken hair and cause damage, potentially leading to hair loss.

Be Cautious with Hair Dyes

Antioxidants applied to the scalp, such as piroctone olamine, may reduce hair loss and improve scalp condition by protecting the scalp barrier.

Apply Antioxidants to Scalp