What To Do If Your Dog Is Hit By A Car: 8 Things To Remember

Stay Calm

Remaining calm is crucial as it helps in making better decisions and reduces your pet's agitation after a vehicular injury.

Handle with Care

Approach your injured pet gently to avoid triggering defensive or aggressive reactions, using blankets or towels for safe handling.

Communicate with the Driver

Gather essential information calmly from the driver involved to assist the emergency vet in understanding the situation better.

Assess for Injuries

Check your pet thoroughly for visible injuries and signs of internal damage while maintaining a calm demeanor to relay accurate information to the vet.

Call the Emergency Vet

Contact an emergency veterinarian immediately after the incident, providing detailed information for prompt medical assistance.

Prompt Veterinary Care

Ensure swift and safe transportation to the emergency vet to address potential injuries, even if they appear minor, for thorough evaluation and treatment.

Approach Carefully

Keep an eye out for signs of shock in your pet, such as pale gums, rapid breathing, or weakness, and provide reassurance and warmth while en route to the emergency vet.

Document the Incident

Take photos of the scene and any visible injuries on your pet to provide additional information to the vet. This documentation can aid in assessing the extent of injuries.

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